Donation for Cancer’s Paliative Care

Cancer Patient Support Program

Recognizing the unique need for a patient and family support program, the Asia Association Medical Donation  Cancer Center provides different programs to enhance the quality of life for patients and family members while they navigate the complexities of cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

The Cancer Patient Support Program (CPSP) is staffed by our team members and volunteers. We help patients navigate the Cancer Center, provide counseling in the hospital and in the outpatient clinic and manage educational programs and support meetings. A Resource Center is also available for patients and family members, and volunteers offer appearance consultations and help with hospitality rooms.

We are all here to help. The key element in our program is the healing relationship that develops when one person cares for another.

The CPSP offers a number of services to help patients through what can be a very difficult time. These include:

Cancer Rehabilitation

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department offers a service designed specifically to help cancer patients achieve optimal quality of life.

Adrienne Hill, DO, is a physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician) who has training in cancer rehabilitation.

If you (or your patient) have any of the following problems or needs, consider utilizing the cancer rehabilitation services.

  • Difficulty walking, balance issues, frequent falls
  • Memory problems, “chemo brain”
  • Malaise, depression, adjustment problems
  • Difficulty doing things you could do prior to cancer treatments
  • Fatigue, insomnia, poor endurance
  • Pain in your extremities
  • Weakness
  • Incontinence issues, chronic constipation
  • Stiffness, dystonia
  • Joint or musculoskeletal pain
  • Speech or swallowing problems
  • Lymphedema
  • Radiation fibrosis syndrome, scar adhesions
  • Sensory and balance problems
  • Difficulty with activities of daily living
  • Driver’s evaluation, home safety evaluation, adaptive equipment or assistive device assessment, return to work evaluation


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