Who We Are?

Asia Association Medical Donation is a communities platform for physician, nurse, psychologist, and other medical workers  focusing in emergency response and quality healthcare in remote area across Asia.

What We Do

Physician and Medical Support Worker Deployment

We create, manage, and retain strong relationship in various physician and medical support worker across Asia.

Medicine Supplies

Reliable medicine logistic supplies from vurnarable remote area into emergency response

Mobile Healthcare Services

Providing various mobile health care facilities for remote area and emergency response

Healthcare Device Supplies

Providing state-of-the-art healthcare technological device in the market

Emergency Hospital Establishment

Connecting and managing the establisment of temporary hospital for emergency response

Clean-Safe Food and Drinking Water

Providing essential resource for human being in emergency

Trauma Relief and Educational Support

Initiate psychological first-aid for shock and trauma circumstances and ensuring the best possible educational support for vulnerable one

Where We Work

Our dedicated physician and medical support community in 48 countries around Asia, from major capitals to remote, working together, often dangerous locations, to save lives.

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